Dentist Bonita Springs All about Dental Implants

Bonita Springs Dentist Provides Information about Dental Implants Procedure


Taking care of your oral health is more important than many patients think which causes them to suffer from cavities, tooth decay, and possible tooth loss. Accidents can also happen where you can lose a tooth, from a sports injury or another physical incident. Thankfully, your Bonita Springs dentist offers the best procedure in order to replace any missing teeth, and that’s dental implants!


This method for replacing teeth has become more and more popular over time, being the best option for patients. In the past, the only option that patients had were bridges, a method that holds a false tooth, or dentures, a retainer that holds a false tooth to wear in order to make it appear as if you’re not missing a tooth. While these methods have their own benefits, there are also reasons that dental implants are preferred by dentists.


Dental implants are a permanent solution to a missing tooth and are also recommended if you’re missing multiple teeth. This procedure provides titanium that’s surgically fused with your jawbone for support, acting as an anchor for the implant itself. This titanium post is to act as a root and for your jaw to grow around and heal. A crown, or the false replacement tooth, is placed after proper healing time and works just like your natural teeth.


There are several advantages to dental implants that many patients can benefit from!

· Improved self-esteem: if you’re self-conscious about your lack of a smile, getting dental implants severely improves that! You’ll never want to stop smiling. Friends and family will notice your change in mood and personality, which will only prompt you to smile more!

· Improved oral hygiene: if the issue in the past was due to your poor hygiene, you’ve been given a second chance and it’s important to take proper care of your teeth now.

· Easier time eating: with missing teeth, some food items are completely out of the question because of the chances of hurting your exposed gums. With your new implants, you’re able to eat some of the foods you may have been missing out on in the past!


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