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Dentist in Bonita Springs FL on Chronic Teeth Grinding

What is bruxism?


For a word that so few people may really know, it defines a behavior an overwhelming amount of us have participated in at some point in our lives.


A screeching car…nails on a chalkboard—what can these result in, and how does it correlate to this “bruxism” word?


Teeth grinding. Except, in this case, bruxism is a chronic grinding of the teeth by a patient, usually when they are sleeping at night. This unconscious grinding is seen as a means of relieving the stress of the day, but can have hugely detrimental dental implications.


Bruxism can be identified at home or by your dentist in Bonita Springs FL from several factors:


If you find your teeth are quite literally shrinking, wearing away and/or losing chewing surface….


Or if you have developed new, chronic headaches or jaw structural pain, including pops or clicks in the jaw you have never felt before: you could be suffering from bruxism.


Without seeking treatment, the results can be life-altering.


Prolonged teeth grinding can lead to tooth loss, tooth fracture, muscle or joint damage and even facial deformity. Alongside all of this, the teeth may experience micro-cracks in them from all of the pressure being applied. This can allow for “typical” dental issues such as decay and disease to be more efficient and damaging to the teeth as well.


What about treatments?


Of course for any damage already done, your dentist in Bonita Springs FL can offer many cosmetic and restorative treatments that may help you. As far as prevention, night time mouth guards are considered one of the best means of deterrent and treatment available. Other effective means of treatment can include behavioral therapy, stress management classes, and even jaw surgery.


 If you fear you may be suffering from the unfortunate circumstances of bruxism, you can call the office of your dentist in Bonita Springs FL today to assess and create a treatment plan that is best for you.


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