Dentist Bonita Springs CBT Works Against Dental Fears

Bonita Springs Dentist Discusses Therapy for Patients with High Dental Anxiety


There’s a large majority of patients around the world who have an extremely difficult time going to the dentist. Whether it’s due to their fear of the dentist or their personal psychological issues, this can cause patients to delay their dental treatment, which can cause issues in the future. For patients to overcome their fears, sedation dentistry is offered at certain practices, but this isn’t their only option! Below, your Bonita Springs dentist provides information about CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy.


Not every patient is comfortable with sedation dentistry, something that may only add to their anxieties. With a certain amount of personal therapy sessions, a patient can work towards fighting their fears and starting to properly take care of their smile.


Learn about the breakdown of what patients with anxiety go through and how conquering this fear can enhance your dental health.


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