Dentist Bonita Springs Dealing With Oral Sores

Bonita Springs Dentist on Stopping Sores

While the human body is quite resilient, it is typically always open to some sort of harm from either external or internal forces. This damage can manifest itself in a number of ways, all over the body, including scrapes, aches, breaks, sores and more. Your Bonita Springs dentist is here today to fill you in on a bit of important information- that this phenomenon is not isolated from your mouth and oral health by any means.


Oral sores can be quite a cause for concern, and numerous patients will make appointments with us just because they have them. You should strongly consider coming to see us if a particular oral sore has lasted longer than a week, as most will be gone by then.


But what can cause oral sores besides, well, being a little clumsy when chewing on your dinner?


  • A dental device, such as braces or dentures, irritating tissue.
  • A bacterial, fungal or viral infection.
  • A broken tooth or filling rubbing.
  • Various other diseases and disorders.


Because the range above can be so widely based, and at the “serious end” of the scope include things such as oral cancer- it is always better to be safe than sorry. For more information on types of oral sores and how to prevent them, you can check out this comprehensive online guide: MedicineNet.


If you have had an oral sore last longer than a week, visit your Bonita Springs dentist right away. You can schedule an appointment with us by calling (239) 949-8302 today!


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