Dentist Bonita Springs Deciding on a Toothbrush

Dentist in Bonita Springs FL on Electric vs Manual

Your dentist in Bonita Springs FL knows how important your toothbrush is. It acts as both defender and maintainer of your oral health at home daily, warding off disease and decay with proper usage. But with so many options in the local pharmacy when you go to buy a new one…how do you know what is right for you?


Today we will be looking at the two most popular options of toothbrush available, electric and manual, and debating the pros and cons of both for your benefit.


The classic manual toothbrush has been a major factor in oral health for so long because of its efficiency and its variety of positive traits. To start, it is extremely “customizable,” which is a big plus for especially young patients. The multiple options of colors, sizes, companies, characters that get featured on them and more ensures that every patient can get one that is right for them. Their low price point and ease of portability also make it a top choice for patients worldwide. Where the manual may fall short, however, is more related to operator error. Due to the manual toothbrush requiring more physical work compared to an electric, it cannot always lead to the best cleaning results for a patient.


That fall in technique is where the electric toothbrush becomes prominent. More or less, all you have to do is turn the electric brush on and it does a majority of the work for you. It’s perfectly sized heads, optimal speed and rotation lead to a more efficient cleaning for patients on average. Many of these brushes even have built-in two-minute timers now, so that when you can stop brushing, it will “beep” and let you know.


As far as downfalls, some may choose to not go with an electric toothbrush because of their higher price point, less portable and overall offer a less “customizable” image than their manual counterparts.


No matter the toothbrush you choose- technique and timing are two essential elements to keep in mind while using it. If you have any questions concerning these two factors, or you need a demonstration in order to keep your at-home regimen its best, don’t hesitate to ask your dentist in Bonita Springs FL about this at your next appointment!


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