Dentist Bonita Springs Ending Enamel Damage

Evade Enamel Erosion With Your Dentist in Bonita Springs FL

Enamel. You hear about it on toothpaste commercials…at appointments with your dentist in Bonita Springs FL and more…but what is it all about?


Enamel is the clear, protective outer layer of your teeth. It keeps the inside, more sensitive contents (like dentin, nerves and more) from damage and agitation. Enamel prevents your teeth from stains, decay, the need for root canals and so, so much more. And although enamel is the hardest surface in your entire body, it does not react to adversity like other systems, such as bone or muscle. What we mean is, once the damage is done to enamel- it’s done. It can’t regrow itself and often requires some kind of work from your dentist in Bonita Springs FL to be rebuilt.


So how can YOU prevent damage to your teeth and keep your enamel healthy? A lot of it has to do with your daily diet and habits. Make sure to try and avoid acidic or sugary foods and drinks, and if you do indulge a bit, brush and floss your teeth daily. For a complete list of some of the things that can erode your enamel- you can head HERE for an informative slideshow.


Besides watching your diet and keeping a consistent regimen, regular visits with your dentist in Bonita Springs FL are highly recommended to keep your enamel, and your gorgeous smile, at their best.


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