Dentist Bonita Springs Favorable Flossing

Dentist in Bonita Springs FL On Owning Your Flossing

As a top dentist in Bonita Springs FL- we treat patients daily who don’t quite floss enough. In fact, it is estimated by some surveys that only 50% of people worldwide floss daily- leaving the other 50% open to cases of tooth decay, gum disease and worse. What could be worse? Try heart disease, diabetes, lung issues and more out. Researchers and doctors are tying those “bigger” whole-body-health issues into gum disease and associated bacteria all of the time.


And while most of the patients that choose not to floss daily often blame it on the fact that it is too “time-consuming” or “too difficult,” we have heard almost every excuse you can fathom. From the old “no food ever gets stuck in my teeth” bit to “I’m not sure how to…” we are sure you get the point.


To help battle those excuses and the detriments that can be caused from a lack of flossing, today your dentist in Bonita Springs FL has provided you with some tips and tricks to help get your flossing at its best. You can review that list by clicking here.


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