Dentist Bonita Springs Germ-Free Bristles

Bonita Springs FL Dentist on that Clean Brush Feeling

Your Bonita Springs FL dentist, Dr. Dainiak, knows what it takes to battle germs and bacteria in and outside of our office walls. It takes a balance of the right tools, techniques, and substances to achieve sterile environments, and to make sure that you don’t suffer the consequences because of it. Germs can cause everything from a cold to gum disease, yet despite your best efforts, bacteria can be persistent and all-surrounding no matter what you do.


One of the tools that we mentioned first above is something you use (or should use) on a daily basis: your toothbrush! And while you can utilize this amazing technology twice a day for at least two minutes per session to defeat oral bacteria, disease, and other detriments- what can be done about the other 1435 minutes it sits idle during the day?


-Rinse your brush using hot water after your regimen to remove any lingering debris.

-Store the brush upright in a container that allows for open air flow.

-Let the brush dry completely before next usage and don’t allow it to contact other surfaces.

-Replace the brush every three to four months.

-Do not share your toothbrush with anyone, even close relatives or significant others.


Follow these simple steps related to your at-home regimen and you will see your brush is in top shape for tackling all sorts of oral health issues, day in and out. Of course, no regimen is complete without regular visits to your Bonita Springs FL dentist! Call our office today to schedule your next visit at (239) 949-8302.


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