Dentist Bonita Springs Goodbye to Microbeads

Dentist in Bonita Springs FL on Whitening Bead Ban

Everyone likes to have a nice bright smile. And for that very reason, your dentist in Bonita Springs FL offers some of the greatest cosmetic dental treatments around, such as teeth whitening and more.


But what can you do between visits to our office to keep the amazing white shade of your teeth intact? Well, many of our patients turn to items like whitening toothpaste to use during their twice-daily brushing routines. And if you are one of these such patients, the landscape of these products has changed drastically in the last few days…


President Obama recently signed into action a ban on microbeads in products such as whitening toothpaste, facial exfoliators and more that contain non-biodegradable plastic particles in their makeup. These beads, while having an ability to scrub some surface stains off the teeth, were not completely evaporating as they should have been in the water systems.


After many studies, it was revealed that these plastics were ending up as toxins in the fish we eat, as well as in some of the water we drink or use on a daily basis. This new legislature will make sure that all manufacturers stop using these beads in their products by 2017. You can find out more about the ban and these products by clicking here.


If you are a frequent user of these pastes- don’t fret! The next time you come into your dentist in Bonita Spring FL’s office for a visit, we can make some suggestions on new whitening pastes for you to check out!


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