Dentist Bonita Springs How Smoking Destroys Oral Health

Bonita Springs Dentist Explains Several Disadvantages to Smoking Cigarettes


One of the worst oral habits that someone can pick up is smoking cigarettes, or use of any tobacco products. Even though there are countless health issues that smoking can cause throughout the entire body, there are millions of people around the world who still contribute their time, money, and health to this product. The first part of the body that cigarettes affect is your mouth. Below, your Bonita Springs dentist lists the parts of your oral health that suffer when you smoke.


It’s no secret that the smell of smoke is extremely potent and lingers for an extended amount of time. It sticks around on your clothes, your fingers, your lips, and especially your breath. The tobacco smoke comes in direct contact with your tongue and teeth and it’s very difficult to get rid of with a simple brush of the teeth or a piece of gum. When the smoke hits your teeth, then it damages your tooth enamel and causes discoloration. When other people notice the yellowish shade and consistent smoke smell, it can damage that person’s image whether it’s meeting new people or even a possible career opportunity.


After the bad breath and discoloration of teeth, then your gums begin to suffer, as well. Since the smoke is seeping into your gums and going into the bloodstream, they’re constantly in pain, although you may not always notice. These hints are shown when your gums begin to bleed when you’re brushing your teeth, eating certain foods, or for no reason whatsoever. When your gums become infected, they begin receding, which can cause eventual tooth loss because your teeth are losing the structure that’s holding them together.


People who smoke cigarettes and unhealthy gums are unable to receive certain procedures because they require top oral health. If your gums are infected, then they’re not able to support procedures like dental implants if you’ve lost a tooth or multiple teeth. Choosing to smoke cigarettes and use tobacco products not only hinders your current dental care but any future dental care you would’ve wanted, too.


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