Dentist Bonita Springs Importance of Flossing

Bonita Springs FL Dentist Explains What Can Happen if Flossing is Ignored


If you’ve made a dental appointment in the near future, brace yourself for the inevitable question: “Have you been flossing regularly?” Unfortunately, a majority of patients don’t floss a lot, if ever, for a number of reasons. Patients don’t find flossing to be as important as simply brushing their teeth, although it’s necessary for their daily dental routine. Your Bonita Springs FL dentist explains why flossing regularly is very important.


Flossing is a necessary step in your cleaning regimen because it’s cleaning in between your teeth, which isn’t what brushing your teeth does. Brushing your teeth only cleans the surface of your teeth and gums. The floss goes where your bristles can’t reach, so if you don’t clean those spaces, you’re allowing food particles and bacteria to linger. If this sticks around for too long, you’re more likely to suffer from cavities, tooth decay, and eventual tooth loss.


Not only will flossing protect your teeth, but it’ll protect your gums, as well. This is a major reason that flossing is necessary because your gums are directly affected by the bacteria. If your diet is bad, contributing to your subpar oral hygiene, you’re at a high risk of getting gingivitis. Gingivitis is the build-up of tartar over time and is also the earliest stage of gum disease or periodontitis.


Suffering from gum disease causes severe inflammation in your mouth, extreme tooth decay, and eventually tooth loss. Gum disease weakens the structure of your gums and bones so there is not enough support to hold your teeth in. By the time periodontitis is present, it’s irreversible and needs to be constantly treated by your dentist.


Unfortunately, tooth loss isn’t the worst thing that can occur. If your gums and teeth aren’t properly taken care of, the bacteria can spread through your bloodstream from your gums and eventually lead to heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory issues. Allowing bacteria to spread through your body will only cause much more issues down the road.


While flossing seems tedious, it can save you from many medical problems down the road. Contact your Bonita Springs FL dentist by calling this number (239) 949-8302 or clicking here to request an appointment.


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