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Bonita Springs FL Dentist on The Power of Mouth Guards

As the kids get ready to head back to school, an influx of activities is sure to come as well. From organized school sports to recreational leagues and even outside play with friends- your Bonita Springs FL dentist has seen dental damage result from all of these activities and more. For this very reason, we recommend wearing mouth guards for not only dental issues but whole body health concerns too.


Now, every sport or league will have their own rules about wearing mouth guards, but we cannot suggest them enough for most, if not all activities. Dental damage and other bodily harm can result from any activity that involves another person, surface or object…so pretty much anything your child can do, especially sports.


Mouth guards can, of course, help prevent the teeth from falling out or cracking if suffering a blow, but also have other benefits for the body.


With the ways our bodies work as complex, intricate systems- one thing usually ties to another in some way. By that, we mean that trauma to the head or jaw can not only cause dental injuries but even travel the way of the spinal cord and brain if severe enough.


Mouth guards can also help prevent injuries involving the alignment of the jaw or neck, concussions, and other structural damage. Their design takes into account the way we clench our teeth and receive trauma, as well as how all of these systems are aligned or react, to help prevent further damage.


To see the most benefit from a mouth guard- what should you be looking for?


Make sure to purchase one that is easy for your child to breathe in, communicate in and that is the right size/stays in place. The mouth guard should be easy to remove from a helmet so that cleaning is not a chore. And while mouth guards that cover primarily the top teeth will be most prevalent, ones that cover both sets of teeth are found extra efficient for full contact sports, like football.


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