Dentist Bonita Springs More To Know About Mouthwash

Dentist in Bonita Springs FL Answers Your Questions!

Even though mouthwash may not be as an essential a piece of your at-home oral health regimen as your daily flossing and brushing, your dentist in Bonita Springs FL still gets a bunch of questions concerning it.


More than ever before, different varieties of mouthwash are hitting the market, all boasting some different advantage over the competition. We personally remember when it was just a question of “do you like the taste of the greenish-blue one or the yellow one?” but that is beside the point.


In order to help all of our patients make some better decisions about adding a mouthwash to their daily routine, today we will be addressing some frequently asked mouthwash questions (FAMQ) for your benefit:


Are all mouthwashes the same?

They are definitely not anymore. From ones that help with teeth whitening to those that help with a dry mouth or by eliminating certain percentages of bacteria- most of them differ these days. With different purposes, these mouthwashes will have varying ingredients as well, which could or couldn’t be to your benefit. The best way of knowing what mouthwash may be best for you is to run some ideas by your dentist in Bonita Springs FL at your next visit.


Can mouthwash cure bad breath?

Mouthwash, without a doubt, can help in reducing some unpleasant odors your mouth may be producing. Due to the wide variety of circumstances that can cause bad breath, however, we cannot say it is an overall cure. From spicy food to dehydration, sickness and more- bad breath can result. Use mouthwash alongside daily brushing/flossing, a healthy diet and twice-yearly dental cleanings to keep your breath as fresh as possible.


Can I brush less by using mouthwash?

As alluded to above, mouthwash must be used in conjunction with daily brushing and flossing to help in a regimen. Sure, mouthwash can help eliminate extra bacteria or loosen up some particles between teeth that your brush can sweep away easier- but should not be seen as a replacement to these habits.


If you have any other questions concerning a new mouthwash product you bought or are considering, feel free to ask at your next appointment with your dentist in Bonita Springs FL. You can schedule an appointment by calling our office today at (239) 949-8302.


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