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Bonita Springs General Dentist on Solving Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth are not only one of the top reasons that patients make appointments with their Bonita Springs general dentist but one of the top reasons that patients make dental appointments worldwide. That’s right. It’s estimated that at least half of the World’s population has suffered from, or will suffer from, some bout with teeth sensitivity at some point in their life.


But what causes sensitivity and what can be done to prevent, or cure it? That is today what your Bonita Springs general dentist will be addressing…


Let us start with what may cause your teeth sensitivity. Most encounters with teeth sensitivity that we hear about often start with a patient enjoying a nice hot, or rather cold, beverage and feeling a sharp sting. That sting persists and doesn’t seem to improve, especially when indulging in such items. You just discovered your teeth sensitivity.


As it turns out, too much sugary coffee or acidic energy drinks (amongst other related options) can be the original cause of the ache. Over time, all of the acid and sugar we have in our diets can eat away at the enamel of the teeth and burrow microscopic holes to the center where the nerve lies. It is then when trying to enjoy a drink of some type that the liquid can come into contact with the nerve, causing that shooting pain. Nothing is supposed to come into direct contact with the nerve of a tooth, so the pain signal sent is a warning that something is wrong. Other common causes include gum disease, gum recession and faulty dental appliances.


So what can be done?

Despite the vast assortment of sensitive teeth targeting pastes, mouthwashes, gels and more that are out there- most of them, unfortunately, will not do much besides temporarily numb the pain you are feeling. You can use these products to take away the pain until you can get into the office of your Bonita Springs general dentist to determine the root cause and figure out a solution. Of course, if you have not yet been inflicted with teeth sensitivity problems, avoiding sugary and acidic dietary options, while up keeping a consistent brushing and flossing regimen is key.


Stop the ache- make an appointment today! Call your Bonita Springs dentist Dr. Dainiak at (239) 949-8302.


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