Dentist Bonita Springs Taking Care of Your Toothbrush

Dentist in Bonita Springs FL on Brush Care

Taking care of your toothbrush is one of the most important parts of your at-home oral hygiene routine to consider. Your brush is the most powerful tool you have at home to prevent decay, disease and dental detriments- and should be treated right in order to continue to do so.


Today, your dentist in Bonita Springs FL has provided a few techniques and tips for maintaining and storing your toothbrush properly so that it can continue its streak of success with keeping your mouth healthy and stunning.


From a sense of maintenance, before and after brushing we find that most patients commit to the following behavior automatically. Simply put the head of your brush under hot water and wipe it with a finger to rid it of lingering particles and/or bacteria. Committing to this simple action will ensure that nothing left lingering from your teeth had an ability to grow since your last cleaning on your brush.


Following your thorough, two-minute brushing, storing your toothbrush is an important consideration to make. Your brush should be placed upright in a holder that allows for plenty of air to dry the bristles. No little “helmets” or related pieces should be covering the head. You should not allow the brush, especially the head, to come into contact with any other brushes or surfaces. Any white residue that forms at the bottom or the sides of the holder should be cleaned away frequently. This “gunk” can be a place where great concentrations of bacteria may reside and could possibly re-infiltrate your brush.


The last step to take with your toothbrush is to throw it out. That’s right. Every 3-4 months you should be tossing that brush out and replacing it with a new one. It is with your twice daily brushing routine that the integrity of the brush can be disrupted around the 3-4 month mark. This can mean the brush is not only more susceptible to bacterial infestation but could also perform under-par from a cleaning standpoint as well.


Treat your brush right and it will help in turn treat your teeth right.


If you have any further questions about toothbrush maintenance, storage or wish to request an appointment with Dr. Dainiak, your dentist in Bonita Springs FL, call our office today at (239) 949-8302.


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